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Something about me

I am currently working towards my PhD at the University of Delaware in Newark,DE . My major is Computer Engineering.My Undergrad major was Electronics Engineering. I have completed coursework in a variety of areas ranging from web application security, computer architecture, secure software design to parallel programming, compilers , ML and cryptography. This page will give you a comprehensive overview of all my work.

Formal CV

You can find my CV here : Akshay’s CV

Principal Research Interests

Other subjects/research areas of interest

Current Research

My current research for my PhD involves compilers for autoparallelization. I work with the Cetus Source to Source translator which translates from C to C annoted with OpenMP. I want to make Cetus as powerful as possible through the use of even more sophisticated techniques. Current challenge is to develop a compiler technique for the automatic parallelization of subscripted subscripts. Details about this project and current progress can be found at link above.


HPC Lab at the University of Delaware

Lab Website - (

I am a part of the HPC Lab at UD headed by Prof. Rudi Eigenmann. We create software tools to support the larger community involved in HPC research. We are interested in providing support to domain scientists to advance their research through HPC.


At the Pacific Northwest National Lab

In this project we implemented a Python frontend for a Domain Specific Compiler base on MLIR for Computational Chemistry applications. The compiler is called COMET.

Past Projects

Web Application Security Projects

Building applications using PHP, HTML and javascript. Emphasis was on building applications for the web but keeping in mind the security of these applications. Details about the projects and the skills gained can be found at the link above.

Secure Software design portfolio

Creating secure software applications is the need of the hour, so as to address the growing concern regarding cybersecurity. With this in mind, we created non-hackable applications which serve a purpose.

Personal Background

Contact Info

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
208 Evans Hall